wMar 17, 2004


Today was a good day, even though I thought it would be a bad one. I went to bed too late last night, :P I need to stop doing that! But when I woke up in the morning, both of my parents were gone. I think they were at the hospital, because my uncle is having surgery today. So, I blasted New Found Glory while getting ready. It was very nice to sing in the morning. I forgot my planner and my history stuff at home, but I don't really need it today. We took the History test, and I got an 85%! I was excited. I'm not too sure about my essay, but oh well. But then I took the math test. I usually do bad on math tests - low 80's. But today I got a 97%!!! It pulled up my test average and now I'm getting a 90.55% in math. I am very, very excited because I think it's safe to say that I will now not get my first C ever (at least not in this term of math). There's a small chance that hell might freeze over and I might get an A! But I would have to do awesomely on the final. I don't foresee that happening so we'll just hope for a B. I am happy with a B! So then I took a Mythology test, and now we're sitting in here working on these stories again. I think I'm going to take mine home to finish it, but I think that in the next half hour before lunch, I should be able to get my math homework done. Woot. Tonight will be a good night because hopefully I can get my homework done relatively quickly and then do whatever I want. And....the end.
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