wMar 28, 2004

Wow, I feel like crap now....I went into my room with my stuff to work on my paper, but I just kind of fell over and curled up and then all of a sudden the doorbell rang and Kevin and Dad and the kids are here......so much for getting the paper done before that. So now I'm trying to do that...and wake myself up. I have a horrible headache and I feel sick, and I like, can't wake up. I'm really crabby, too. The only person I can stand being with is 'Mia, :P And Olivia and Dylan are watching a movie in my bedroom because my dad's too sullen to move to the basement for his grandchildren, so they're touching all my stuff. Anyway. I'm done now and hopefully this time I can get stuff done. Ugh..... -_-
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