wMar 26, 2004

Today was an okay day. Didn't do much in any of my classes. After school, I read some History and then went out for dinner with Lindsey and Lindsay at Fazoli's. It was good, and I haven't talked to Lindsay much lately, so even better. Also, for whatever reason, I can't read the subtitles on Evangelion episodes 5-10.....like, it's too dark on my computer. It wasn't in the summer! And I tried adjusting, but to no avail. So tonight I watched the first episode of Utena instead. Heather gave me like, 15 episodes and a movie of that but thus far I've only watched the first episode (which I liked), so hopefully it'll be good. Anyway, I'm going to go to Heather's now to play Halo in the first time for like, ever. Teh end!!11!11one


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