wMar 9, 2004


Julie, Kevin, and the kids came over for dinner tonight. They're so cute! Now when I run to this room to try and get a math problem done, 'Mia will army crawl around the corner and then prop herself up on her arm and baby-smile at me until I come and pick her up. So cute! We watched The Little Mermaid tonight. Ursula used to scare the crap out of me, and now I remember why. And I almost cried! Stupid Disney movies, making me all emotional. Also, 'Mia likes to scream now. Like, when Kevin walked in the door, she shrieked for like, 3 minutes. (Bwaha, it's only a matter of time until I teach her to squeal!)

So, yeah. Tonight has been pretty mellow, I've just been trying to do homework. Now I'm done with everything except English for tonight and tomorrow, because tomorrow I'm going to that International Summit thing that's at a local college. In the morning we're talking about terrorism and representing various countries - we're Brazil. The afternoon is a debate about the Patriot Act (I don't know what side I'm supposed to defend yet). International Summit days are always fun....they make you think a lot, and there's good food. And this year, fun people are going and I think I know everybody! And I get to miss an entire day of school. It's kind of sad that I can do all the work (except English but that's only because we have a project) for two days in one night.....tells you how well-invested my time is when I go to school! I think I'll be working on my English project a lot over the 3.5 day weekend....tomorrow night we have Homily planning for the youth mass and then I have rehearsal for that dance recital thing I'm pulling curtains for. Hurrah for full days. Breaks up the monotony, yo. Anyway, the end.

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