wMar 3, 2004

studying is overrated

Everyone else is probably going insane studying like crazy tonight, but I didn't. After blogging, I went to my sister's house to watch Dylan and 'Mia. Dylan watched "Charlotte's Web." And 'Mia was just crawling around poking things. Well, she doesn't really crawl, she just army crawls - her arms aren't strong enough for her to get her stomach off the floor yet. So she was all cute until suddenly she started crying. I changed her diaper, and then put her in the high chair to eat some baby food. She took three swallows, and suddenly started crying really hard. I tried feeding again, and she refused. So I picked her up. Usually, 'Mia is a very good baby so long as you're not like, baby-stupid. But for like, half an hour, she would cry really hard like she was in pain, and then stop for twenty seconds, and then cry again. She was hoarse. I tried calling my mom, dad, and Kevin's cellphone, but the only one I got a hold of was Dad, who was no help. Finally, the only thing that seemed to make her stop was when I knelt on the couch, and had her sit on top of it and look outside through the blinds. Then she didn't cry, and then Kevin came home and she was all smiley and whatever. *shakes fist*

Then I went to church, where we ate pizza. We talked for a while, and then everyone left and it was just me, Ryan, and Carrie, and we talked for at least 45 minutes. I like talking to them....I wish we still had The Quest (the youth group), because I really like just....sitting and talking with people who take life seriously. Maybe that's why I feel so lonely sometimes. I'm so sick of high school. I walk down the hallway and everything is all, "Omigod, did you know he's going out with her?" "Omigod I can't stand her, I hate her!" And half the girls at my school have absolutely no dignity at all, and dress like skanky hos (hoes? Hmm.) Hopefully people will be more mature in college. However, I've resigned myself to the fact that everyone drinks in college, and at least half the guys will probably only care about "getting laid" because that's cool. (Note: sarcasm)

And back to that history test - everyone else is probably studying, but after I got done at church, I went over to Chad's house to study with him and Kristy. Ever since we reviewed during first hour, I realized how totally unprepared I am for this test...and I guess I'm just kind of resigned to it. And talking to Kristy and Chad....there are so many treaties and cases and other events and people and dates that I have no freaking idea what they're talking about.....but the cool thing is, I don't care. Last time I knew all the people, but the test wasn't on the people. So....Basically, I don't know what I need to know and I don't care. So I'm going to go to my bed now and study until I get too tired to do so any more, and then go to bed. Because that's the way I do things.
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