wMar 16, 2004

semi-alright after all

So after lying around for an hour and a half, I got in the mood to do homework again, but then Julie and the kids came over. The kids are so cute! as;gjae'gkwe I finished my math and flipped through the last through chapters. Then I went to Barnes and Noble (finally) and used their books....they're not really good for chapter-intensive reviews, but I did it anyway. Came home and skimmed the chapters, and then came online and read some Harry Potter fanfiction for the first time since....the first time I read HP fanfiction. That's how I accidentally discovered what slash was, and I was mortified and steered clear of it ever since. But I'm reassured because the one I read tonight was really cute! And good, too. But...I stayed up way too late and I'm going to hate myself tomorrow. Especially because I still feel like writing something. Maybe tomorrow after the tests are done and I come home, I will take a long nap. That would be nice. Anyway, the end.
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