wMar 5, 2004

The Passion

School was blah yet again today, but then I went and saw "The Passion" with Heather, Sarah, Lindsey, Carrie, her husband, Ryan, and a couple of other people from Youth Liturgy. I had been prepared to cry a lot, but I didn't....I teared up a little bit before anything really happened, but then I didn't cry at all. I didn't think that the movie was too gory.....a lot of people have commented that it was, but I don't think so. Jesus was scourged and crucified, it's not a walk in the park. The violence was also broken up with flashbacks and things, which made it tolerable. I also don't think it was anti-Jewish (not sure how to spell Semitic, :P) at all. Jesus was Jewish, and so was Mary. All the Apostles were Jewish. I mean, I felt definite anger towards Caiaphas and the other high priests, but it doesn't make me hate an entire race of people. I think the critics talking about anti-Semitism are full of crap.

The movie contained a lot of symbolism that I think was well put together. Also, people like Judas and Pilate were given souls - you could see their struggles. The way the devil was portrayed was good - chilling, made sense, but creepy. I'm like, ten times more terrified of the dark than I was before.

The whole movie just...made you think. A lot. I didn't feel sad or wanting to cry so much as I felt angry, and wanting to get up and do something. I guess the thing that really struck me the most was good winning over evil - the devil crying out in frustration, Jesus getting up and walking with the hole in His hand. And Mary, just holding Jesus' lacerated, beaten body, and staring right at you. I felt like she was looking right at me and saying, "How could you?" And I felt like I would never sin again. The other scene I really really liked was when they got the man to help Jesus carry the cross. One of the soldiers just picked him out of the crowd and said, "You must help him carry this cross." And he said, "No, not me, you must find someone else." But then he did do it... and he ended up defending Jesus when everyone kept attacking him after he'd fallen. I guess it just seemed like life. A lot of times we're asked to carry crosses we don't want to carry. Going along the same theme, I thought it was really powerful when they were giving Jesus and the thieves their crosses to carry, and Jesus just kind of wrapped his arms around it. And one of the thiefs said, "You fool, why do you embrace you cross?" One of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. Even if you don't believe in Jesus or anything, I think it would at least help you to respect Christianity.

So, yeah. I'm still processing everything, and I probably need to write. But for now, that's all.
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