wMar 24, 2004

it's like walking with the wounded. / carrying that weight way too far / the concrete pulled you down so hard / out there with the wounded

Today....I don't know. I woke up and felt a lot better than last night. I just need to go to bed before eleven, maybe. But I was just...crabby, mostly during fourth hour. And it kept getting worse and worse. And then....just, UGH. I really hate how you can spend years healing wounds, and you think everything is just fine and that everyone has grown up, and then just one sentence can make you appalled and angry and wanting to scream and feeling like oh, look, the knife is sticking in me again, I guess I never really pulled that one out because I thought the wound was healed, but look, it just ripped through my core all over again. How fascinating.

Even if college is a cesspool of morons who only want to get drunk or get laid, I don't care. I am so sick of so many people. I want to leave everything and everyone and all of my knives here in this town, and I'll come back when I have some direction in my life.

I have eaten half of a candy bar and maybe I'll cry or something when I'm done studying. I would like to make the whole world stop for a moment, so that I can shout at the top of my lungs. That is all.

Current Music: Wounded - Third Eye Blind
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