wMar 15, 2004


So, going to bed at 10 felt really, really good! Maybe I'll have to do that more often. Because when I woke up, it wasn't through half-shut blodshot eyes. I didn't hate the world! I didn't immediately think of the eff word the alarm went off. Glorious indeed.

The day got better when I went to History...our teacher wasn't there, so the test was moved to Wednesday. This means that tonight, I can just concentrated on my English project. However, now Wednesday will kind of suck because I'll have a History test, math test, and a Mythology test on Heracles and all of his deeds. But I just won't study for Mythology and I stopped caring about math (I might get my first C in the history of my life!). So. This English project thing is really going to suck, but hopefully while I'm listening to everyone else's presentations, I can figure out what all I have to do, so then after piano, I can just do it.

Right now we're in the lab for Mythology, and it's really boring. I still really wish that LiveJournal wasn't blocked from the school....I don't know what I would do if they blocked Blogger. Probably cry, ;_; Anyway, there are fifteen minutes left in class, and unlike last time, I don't think I could go on writing a post for that long. That really random one yesterday kinda drained my blogging prowress. So instead, I'll (I know, hang your head) get ahead on other stuff. I'm trying to stay cheerful. I know, it's scary for me, too.
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