wMar 24, 2004

Dad speaks on college

Dad returned at about quarter to nine this evening, after his random excursion all the way Up North. All I know for sure is that he went to K-Mart and the Dollar Store. I suspect he also walked around in the woods until he felt like he was done, and also went out to eat a steak dinner. Anyway. Dad comes home, and pulls a pair of ugly orange scissors out of his Dollar Store bag and reverently hands them to me. "Here! This is from the Dollar Store! You can take that to college with you. You need to start saving stuff now!" I look up from my history book and just kind of stare at him. He brandishes the National Enquirer at me. "And look! See this picture? Marilyn Monroe was bitten by a vampire! And then the FBI killed her so she wouldn't bite JFK!! They won't teach you that at the University!" "No....I guess they won't," is all I say.

My dad is cooler than your dad.
scribbled mystickeeper at 8:48 PM

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