wMar 16, 2004


Alright, so I got the English presentation finished today. I think I did alright, except that I didn't print off my works cited for the whole class......even now, that seems a little pointless to me, but whatever. It will be less than a five point deduction, and I couldn't care less. I don't know if something's wrong with me, but lately, I just....simply do not care about my homework at all. I can't focus. I have three tests tomorrow.......I sat down to do my math homework, and I couldn't. So I told myself, "Fine, you'll do it tomorrow, now just study." But instead, I stared blankly for half an hour. I can't do it! Hopefully I can study History. Tonight I'm actually going to Barnes and Noble, where I'll make use of the AP History study exam books. Mythology, I just won't care about. And I'll probably still end up leaving the math homework until tomorrow....I just want to at least study for the test. I'll feel better once the tests are done. I feel really restless today. I'm so sick of the monotony, and I'm sick of every day being the same (because those two obviously aren't the same thing - I obviously needed to repeat myself. Haw.) Julie and the kids are coming for dinner tonight. I just wish I could get things done, but you know....I really shouldn't have to do homework to feel good about myself. :P Studying isn't homework anyway, and I'll probably get a bad math grade no matter what so I don't even know why I'm worried. Yeah. I think I'll just go watch Oprah and hope that I wake up somehow. The end.
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