wMar 20, 2004


But really expensive. ;_;

Oh, and it's probably too late now, but I just wanted to say, "Have fun!" to all the junior whores who happen to be going to Prom. And if you're going and you can vote for court, VOTE SARAH FOR PROM QUEEN. She'd better freaking one. No one deserves a tiara more than Sarah! And if by chance you are a junior who isn't going to Prom, then don't feel bad. People get dressed up, but it's really not different from any other night. You're still with your friends. I mean, yes, it's fun, but it was not at all one of the best moments of my life. But I guess I'm one of those people who likes smaller moments more. My best moments in life would probably be insignificant to other people...but oh well. I'm going to go get something done before I go to church, so THE END.
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