wMar 10, 2004

call me, callllll meee, i wanna know you still care, c'mon now, won't you ease my mind?

Today was a good day. The International Summit thing was today. It's that thing I go to once a year, where you simulate world government. This year, we simulated the United Nations, and the topic of discussion was the United States resolution to reconstruct Iraq. The seven people from my school and I represented Brazil. Debated a lot with the other countries, and ended up passing a resolution. It was really cool, especially because a lot of countries actually acted their part. We ended up passing most of it as written, except changing a lot of parts that said "US" to "UN." In the afternoon, we debated the Patriot Act. I didn't talk much in the morning, but when we broke into smaller groups to debate, I ended up talking a lot more. Some of the guys in my group were kind of starting to just clump to each other, but I rose my hand and spoke anyway. I was a little undecided about the Patriot Act beforehand, because national security and civil liberties kind of hung together, but after debating, I've realized that my liberties are more important to me. You may have nothing to hide, and the government may not target you personally, but that's not the issue - the issue is, should the government even have that right in the first place? How can we give up our liberties like that? Benjamin Franklin once said, "They that give up a little liberty for the sake of security deserve neither." And I agree. It's very dangerous to become guarded and protective because of a terrorist attack - we become scared, because we feel vulnerable. Do we allow our fear to master us to the point that we give up our liberties? No! That's exactly what terrorists want. If we give up our freedoms, however insignificant they may seem to you, then the terrorists will eventually win. Because we'll keep redrawing lines until we wonder where the hell our freedom went. And that's crap!

Anyway. After that, I went to school for like, five minutes, then home quick, and then to church to plan the Homily for Saturday's youth mass. It was a good time. Conversations with Father John are always amusing, ;D After THAT, I stopped home for 30 seconds, picked up a bagel, and then went to school to pull curtains for the little girls who dance. Olivia danced tonight! She is a peppermint stick and a bumblebee. *squee*

And, now I'm home. Today was a really full day, but I'm glad about the long weekend. And going to that International Summit gave me hope for college. It's so....refreshing to debate issues with people I don't even know.

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