wFeb 18, 2004

So, you should go here, and choose the 'Eau Claire' College. I got it from the profile of my neighbor, and all you have to do is click twice a day, now through March. Every time you do that, it donates 25 cents to people in poverty. All you have to do is fricking click buttons, and it helps people! So DO IT.

Now that that's I found out that literally everyone and their mother reads my blog. Which you would think would make me scared to still write in here, but in actuality, it makes me want to write in this blog of mine even more. I feel like I should have more important things to say. But I don't. SUX2BU.

Tomorrow, I get my wisdom teeth removed. I am very apprehensive, as I absolutely detest getting me teeth cleaned....I feel like I wrote that in here already, oh well. I don't want to be on drugs, I don't want to bleed on gauze, I don't want to drool. But maybe I'll have cool dreams that I'll actually remember when they put me under....I hope so. I'm also scared because if I want to eat anything in the morning, I have to eat it before 7. And for the last couple months, I've been eating at school because when I eat before school, I feel sick all day for whatever reason. So usually I just bring something to school, but tomorrow I CAN'T. Maybe I'll be able to blog while I'm drugged up, that would be interesting. We'll see if I can navigate my way to Blogger tomorrow. Anyway, the end. I'm looking forward to the 3.5 day weekend very much. A break to the daily useless hours spent in the prison we call secondary schooling.

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