wFeb 21, 2004


So....I'm pretty sure I'm really glad I didn't go to work today, because my jaw still hurts when I move it. However, I feel extremely restless. I don't know what I'm going to do. I have homework, but.....I just really hate school. Stupid busy work, that teaches me nothing. Maybe I'll clean my room today. Basically, this is a useless post that's just me saying I'm really bored despite my happiness in not going to work today. Mehhh....but! When I looked at the banner that I made last night, I was like, "wow", which is a good sign. Because you know, sometimes you make stuff, and the next day you think, "Why the hell did I think that was good?" This is not the case with my banner...although I did decided I can layer in some more pictures, and it still needs text. The end.

Current Music: River in Judea (in my head)
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