wFeb 10, 2004


Today has sucked. A lot. We had our first test in History....I didn't do horribly, but I didn't do great either. First test in math. I haven't gotten the score back yet, but it's not going to be good. Mythology was just frigging boring, as always. And now we're in English....our teacher's not here, which is good, and so now I'm actually going to start this poet project....thing. Basically all you do is keep a journal of things you find out about your poet, and reflections/analyzations of poems by that poet. It's like, a freshman project. Whatever. Oh, and then I found out that the recommendation that Mr. Brayko wrote for me for Scholarships Inc. needed to be in a certain form....and now it's due on Friday and I don't have a recommendation! Yeah, so I'm going to go see Carrie after getting some math help and see if she can do it for me. Because Carrie is cool and she knows a lot more about me than Mr. Brayko would. So....yeah. Ugh. Okay, the day will only get better if I get stuff done, so I'm going to go get stuff done. The end.

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