wFeb 11, 2004


You know what I just realized as I deleted the 'Current Music' thing....I haven't listened to much music at all lately. Anyway. John Edwards was good. Too bad I won't be 18 before the primary. I got some things done tonight....but I didn't get a start on this history essay we have due on Friday. I don't know how people stay up until like, 11 working on homework every night. Once I hit 9:00 I am just not productive at all any more. So, yeah. I hit my wall and I'll have a lot to do tomorrow night, but somehow everything will be alright in the end. It's the last semester and all I truly have to worry about is the grade I get on the AP test, and even that isn't...drastically important. It's almost sick how stress school causes. I get all worked up over a test or a grade or a paper because there's this need pressed on me that I have to succeed, I have to be smart, I have to be good, blah blah blah, but school doesn't really teach you much about things that matter. I mean, you learn about things that matter in school, but not because of school. Your learn that people are way too comfortable in their stupid groups of comfort-zone friends, in which nearly everyone is exactly the same. Or you learn that really, really nice girls will suddenly get the idea that they need to dress like whores to feel better about themselves. Or that really nice boys and girls decide they need to get drunk on a regular basis because if they're not drunk, they can't enjoy themselves. Yeah. So I don't know where the hell that all came from but I'm far too lazy to delete it. I'm exhausted and I don't know why but I'm going to bed before I start feeling like crap.
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