wFeb 14, 2004


I think that Valentine's Day is the dumbest holiday ever. There are many reasons for this, but I don't feel like writing about them. Yesterday, I had a math test. I think that I did alright....hopefully better than the first one! After school, I worked on math homework until I went to Los Banditos with Laurs, Lindsey, and Heather. After that, Lindsey and I went to Heather's house to work on homework because....we are geeks! Well, actually it was because Lindsey will be very busy this weekend, and I just have a crapload of it. Heather didn't do much homework, but both of them helped me with my math because I'm really stupid at math. We then watched things on TV, and then I came home, had conversations, and went to bed. And now it is Valentine's Day. .....And now it is Saturday. And I will be going to work soon.....I always spend Friday nights dreading Saturday, I don't know why. Because like, right now, I'm all, "Well I'm going to work soon, that's okay, whatever", but on Friday nights I'm always all, "I hate work, oh my gosh, I want to stay home so badly...." But maybe I'll get to next week! Because I get my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday and if I'm still incapacitated on Saturday, then maybe I'll get to call in sick. I dunno. I'm really glad that I got my math done last night, though. I did like, 60 problems! I OWN YOU, MATH. Yiss. Tonight will be spent....doing homework, most likely. Because I think that Heather and Laurs and Lindsey are going to the Snow Ball dance....although maybe we'll play Halo or something. I hope so. Ugh, it's cold in here. Blargh. Work better be like it was last week! Last week I only had like, two crabby customers and it was ungodly busy. Hopefully this week will be a repeat! I dunno. But I guess I should go get ready.

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