wFeb 19, 2004


Wow, I almost forgot the worst part of my day (thus far). Today, I went to see the band directors, to see if I could sign up to play my piano solo at Solo & Ensemble. Mr. Konop said, "You are not in band. And the rules say you have to be in band or choir to be in it." I said, "Well, I wanted to be in band, but they put Spanish 5 and now College Credit English fourth hour, so now I have no choice. Why do I have to be in band or choir? I don't practice piano in band or choir." Mr. Konop consults the rules, looking for a way that I can enter, but finds nothing. He goes to Mr. Sauve. Mr. Sauve says, "If you want to play a piano solo and you're not in band or choir, then you need to accompany two people." I say, "Well....So how do I find these people?" Mr. Sauve says, "We don't have a program to find accompanists, you need to do that for yourself." I say, "So what am I supposed to do, make a sign? If I'm not in band, then how am I supposed to find people?" I don't remember what he said, but I walked away feeling like crying. I've been playing my piece since Christmas! And every year in the past, we've had to play in Solo & Ensemble as a requirement for band. Does piano count? No, piano does not count. Piano is a separate entity, it is not part of band. Okay, fine, I understand that. But suddenly, now when I'm not in band, but I still play the piano, I can't play? And when I can't play because I'm not in band then how the hell do I find people to accompany? I don't know. It makes absolutely no sense to me, and I don't understand why the band directors can't simply say to their bands, "If any of you need an accompanist, let me know", and then I could check in with the band directors and then contact these people. No, that would be too easy! That would make sense! I guess after three years of putting up with their crap and getting yelled at, I really shouldn't expect them to do me one freaking favor. So I think I'll ask my piano teacher (who thought they would let me be in it), and then I'll go talk to the choir teacher and see if I can accompany two class C choral solos or something. If band isn't going to do me any favors, then I'm certainly not going to provide any of their students with an accompanist (if I can help it). GRRRR. That put me in a bad mood. Okay, but it feels good to get it all out. The end.
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