wFeb 23, 2004

The Patriot Act and Other Things

So the panel thing about the Patriot Act was alright, I guess. It wasn't all that informative (although there were some sources of amusement) and it didn't change my stance on the issue at all, really. Obviously we need to protect ourselves from the threat of terrorism, but some parts of the Patriot Act are just stupid, and promote things like racial profiling, which to me doesn't seem to help the nation out that much. Malice doesn't have the habit of breeding in one particular race or creed (although you might note that it has the tendency to dwell in those persons owning a penis, ;D). Some of the people who spoke weren't all that...intelligent, though. They kept saying the same things over and over. Therefore, the lesson from the night was: If you take a moron, dress him in a suit and teach him big words, he is still (unfortunately) a moron. I attended this panel with both Kristy and Chad, which was amusing. The ride home fostered intelligent conversation, which resulted in such outbursts such as Kristy's: "We should just buy Cuba! Then they could get their freaking rights!"

So then I came home and finally did some homework.....but I hit my wall before I got to math homework. And I don't care! No, I really don't. I'll just try to get caught up's really okay because the test isn't until Friday. And I had lots of stuff going on tonight! Like piano and a dry socket and becoming an informed citizen. My sister didn't even know what the Patriot Act was! Neither did Jason. What the hell.

In other news, I managed to firepoke myself tonight. (I was home alone and the lights aren't on in every room! Someone could be waiting.)

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