wFeb 26, 2004


We're in the computer lab for Mythology (again....), so I will now tell a story.

I went to see the choir teacher this morning about accompanying for Solo and Ensemble. I guess none of her students are doing Class C (the lowest class, and thus easiest to play) so she told me to try the middle school. She called Mr. Sauve to make sure it was okay that I played for them and not the high school, and when she got off the phone, she said, "He said that's fine but you just need to make sure that the pianist brings back proof that they played for them. Otherwise they might just be saying that they accompanied so that they can play their solos." I just smiled at the choir teacher and said, "Alright, so how do you suggest I get proof?" And she just kind of smiled and said that the middle school choir teacher can just call her. You know.....that just makes me regret ever being in band at all. I spent 90 minutes in that band room for three years. I wasn't the greatest drummer, but I was good at bells. And last year, I kept track of who played what! I tried to be a good student. And now the band teacher just...hates my soul. I'm also really glad that now he (along with my English teacher) feels the need to question my integrity. My level of disgust for him is at all-time high. Obviously I don't completely regret being in band - otherwise I never would have met Jake or Jason, or gotten close to other people. But.....I guess it just makes me mad. I waste 7 hours of my life at this school, and I've never done anything that I can recall that would make anyone question my honesty. I don't lie. I don't cheat. I do my homework, and I ask questions when I have them. I don't understand why, when I do all these things, and spend so much time with my teachers....I guess I don't understand how they possibly couldn't understand me a little better than the vibes I get. First my English teacher told me I couldn't read "Hamlet" because Jason read it last year, and then I would obviously copy his documented essay because that makes perfect sense. And now, I will obviously not accompany people just so that I can get my way (although now that I think of it, it's not such a bad idea, to get around such an idiotic rule). I guess all I have to say is that I'm disappointed that some teachers' expectations of me are so low. I don't deserve that. The end.
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