wFeb 20, 2004

in which Jackie gets her wisdom teeth removed

So, yeah. Getting my wisdom teeth out was quite the adventure. In the waiting room, my mom kept telling me to take off my metallic jewelry in case I went into cardiac arrest and they had to bring me back. THANKS, MOM. Anyway, they took us in the room and it was just my mom and I sitting there for a while. I didn't like the chair. Its leather was cracked it was like one of those creepy dentist's chairs in all the movies. So anyway, we sat there, and then finally the doctor and whatever came in. I really didn't want an IV, but I got pain killer and whatever the hell knocks you out. At first it was just sugar water....they put the tourniquet on my arm and just like when I tried to give blood, they couldn't find my vein, so they put the IV in the back of my hand. It was just sugar water, and I didn't feel it coming in my body like I thought I might be able to. Then he goes, "Okay, we're giving you the medicine now." I said, "Okay, how long does it take to knock me out? Ten minutes, or like, instantaneous?" I don't remember his answer, which I guess answers the question, hehe. Suddenly, I opened my eyes. "Oh, they're done," I thought. I saw Mom, and the nurse said something. Everything spun. Not horizontally, though. Up and down. I got really, really cold, which I guess is an effect of the anaesthesia (or however you spell it). They had to cover me with two blankets and a sweatshirt and I was still cold. I was coherent, though. Like I could ask my mom questions....but two minutes later I would have forgotten what I asked her. I think I asked if I was going to choke on the gauze like, 8 times. The nurse raised up the chair bit by bit, and I hate to get into the wheelchair, and even though I wanted to push myself, she pushed me to the car. I remember I waved at all of the nurses looking at me in the doorwars as I went by. They probably though I was high on the drugs, but I wasn't! They were all staring at me so I figured I might as well wave. They laughed at me, :P Anyway, then I got home.....sat in the lazy boy, and mom got this towel and put it around my head, and then put packs of ice on both my jaws. I didn't feel tired at all....and I got out my graphpaper and wrote on it to prove to myself that my mind was fine, it was just that I couldn't speak. It's kind of funny to look at it now, though, because my handwriting's so awful. Although I think that was because of all the towels and crap around my head, and I just couldn't see the graphpaper very well. I won't bother to retype it all....all that I basically said was that there was absolutely no moisture on my tongue, I had control of my upper lip, but I couldn't feel my lower lip or jaw at was really creepy. Like, I touched the skin of my jaw, and couldn't feel it. The ice also burned myself, but I made myself keep it on for a long time because I really wanted to go to Jennifer's (old youth minister) house for dinner with everyone. I watched Jeopardy, but then Mom and I didn't want to watch the Opera that was on, so I watched some of the second half of "The Two Towers", with the actor commentary on. My sister came over and laughed at me, and also gave my mom some ice packs, as we'd been using ice cubes in ziplock bags. I watched the news, and then around ten to six or so, Heather and Lindsey came to pick me up and we went to Jennifer's house. I brought pudding and a Nouriche thing. The Nouriche crap is what I've been having for breakfast for like, a month, since I feel sick if I eat before school. It's like a fruit smoothie thing, with a ton of vitamins and crap, and it fills me up like a meal would. Anyway. Jennifer's house is really cute! It's in an older neighborhood, but it looks really, really nice inside. I think that's the kind of house I want. I don't want a big, airy house. I want a small one. But it doesn't have to look crappy - I'll make it look nice. Although, this may be a problem, as I have troubles matching the colors of my clothing. Anyway, everyone ate pizza and stuff, and I had my drink thinger. We played with her cats because they're really cute! And we watched "Bruce Almighty". I think we're going to go see "The Passion" next week.....I wish I could do things with the Youth Liturgy people every day. All that people from school talk about is school and teachers and homework, and other people. But Youth Liturgy people are cool because they talk about things that actually matter. Granted, so do other people I know, but....just sayin'. I also ate a piece of this cake that Carrie brought....I think they were petit fours, or however you spell it. I ate it by breaking off tiny pieces and tilting my head back (as I couldn't control the lower half of my face) and letting it disintigrate in my mouth. It took about an hour to eat the dang thing, but it kept me busy and it was worth it. I came home and went back to the lazy boy and watched the end of "Apollo 13" with Mom, and then I came online until 11:30, I think. I put the poem I had written up in my LJ, and then went to bed....I woke up around 8 and watched "Joseph King of Dreams" since we didn't watch it at Jennifer's. "The Prince of Egypt" had a lot better music, but I still liked the movie. So, yeah. Now I'm online, waiting for Mom to wake up so I can figure out what pills I should take....They gave me a prescription for Vicadin (or however you spell it), but I really don't want to take that. So far I've taken 4 Advil and 2 Neproxen...I don't like taking a lot of medicine, and as long as my mind's occupied I can take the pain.

Wow, I wrote a lot...but I guess it's just because I'm kind of frustrated. It hurts to talk, so I've been unusually silent around people, especially last night at Jennifer's. But even though I'm silent, my mind still works the same way, so it feels really good to get all this crap out, even though probably none of it matters to you. Oh well. Anyway, the end.
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