wFeb 27, 2004

boredom attack. these computers are a pretty shade of deep blue!

So, I'm in Mythology, working on an assignment that I finished yesterday....we've been in the computer lab the entire hour. Which is just fine with me. I wish I had more will power because then I would write a journal entry for English....but I haven't been entirely unproductive - I read a chapter for history! Go me. 16 minutes until lunch, and I don't know what else to do, so now I'm going to blog it up. Last night was a good night. I came home and did homework, and then Dad and I went out for dinner. We were originally going to just get food and bring it home, but the place we wanted to go to was extremely crowded, so we went somewhere else instead. The food was good, I'd never been there before. Then Kayla and Paul came over to do math. Math. It's like a swear word! You do so much homework, but then it doesn't matter, because you're still behind! And then you'll finally get comfortable with an equation, and then the book goes, "Okay, now we're going to call all of the variables something else and you have to do it this way now!" If we were going to change the variables, why didn't we just use those ones from the beginning?! It doesn't make sense to me. But most math doesn't. There are so many equations that mean essentially the same thing....But it's okay! Because this semester doesn't matter, this semester doesn't matter. It would be much easier to accept that, but I don't think I have the capacity to just stop trying. This trait will probably serve me well next year, but at the present time, it's kind of annoying. Woot, only 13 minutes now. Hmm. I'll blog here until there's only 10 minutes left! And then maybe I'll blog somewhere else. Or perhaps read some more news.

Except that I don't have anything else to say at the present time. Oh wait, I do! I am excited because cheese ravioli is what's for lunch today, and it will be good stuff. Because ravioli is good. I am looking forward to eating ravioli! Is that how you spell ravioli? It doesn't appear to be correct, but I don't know what is correct. So.....too bad. I wish that I could read my LJ friends list from school. My LJ Friends always post interesting links and stuff....But then again, I suppose that most of them are in school right now, too. And they probably haven't posted anything since last night (unlike geeky me!). So, anyway, there are only ten minutes until lunch now.....oh wait! I don't get out of here until 12:35, and I thought it was 12:30. So I really have 15 minutes! Grr! What will I do? Maybe I'll try writing. But see, in the computer lab, that doesn't work so well. Because I'd bust out the graphpaper and start writing ideas down, but then someone would be like, "What are you writing?" Nothing! I am writing nothing! It's different when I was in like, Sociology, and I was just put it in the middle of my desk and write, because then it looked like I was taking notes. But it wouldn't really appear that way in the middle of the computer lab. So anyway.....I will occupy myself in some way other than making a really, really long post in my blog. Congratulations if you read all of this, because it really didn't have a point other than preventing my own boredom. You get a virtual cookie! Enjoy.
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