wNov 10, 2002

That stupid fuck. Yes. You heard me. That is how mad I am. He pisses me off so much, why can't people have open minds?? "I don't want you to challenge me, I just want you to accept what I'm telling you and do it." "I'm not challenging you, I'm telling you that if you're telling me to do something, you shouldn't contradict yourself." "Just do it. That's the answer." "No, it isn't." "YES IT IS." And then he leaves. I want to go crawl in my bed and not get out for a long time. I hope he works at like, 7 tomorrow. And then I can get up and play FFIX or go on the computer until I have to go to school. That sounds heavenly. Stupid homework, stupid parents. Gosh. It's weird, though, I was pissed off like, a minute ago, but now I just feel tired. Exhausted or something....sad. I don't know. I wish people would stop hurting each other...there's so much wasted energy, it's disgusting.
scribbled mystickeeper at 4:52 PM

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