wNov 16, 2002

Mmm, let's see. After watching practice yesterday, I broke. Came home and broke more, crawled into bed about 10:30. I slept, dreaming various things, like somehow someone running a set piece over my hand. My body was behind the set, but my hand was sticking out, and was impaled by a wheel. This happened just as the curtain opened, and I had to lay there for the whole scene. As soon as the scene was done, I ran screaming and crying into the freshman hallway. I also had a dream about sleeping until 4:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, the day I had to be at school at 12. Freaked, looked at clock, only to realize it was 6:30. Cursed self, and laid there, trying to fall asleep again. It didn't happen. Thought depressing thoughts, about wanting to curl up and die, but then realized that I didn't feel that way. Whilst unsuspectingly sleeping, my subconscious decided to go find stage-manager!Jackie. Stage-manager!Jackie told quivering, tear-stained Jackie to knock it the hell off. Got out of bed about 7:15. Took two Sudafed and am now quite hyper. I OWN that stage. And I decided it's okay if I fall apart every night this week, because if I wake up feeling this awesomely, then, well, 'salllllll good! ^_~
scribbled mystickeeper at 8:12 AM

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