wNov 4, 2002

Being afraid of the dark is annoying and I have an over-active imagination. Walked briskly to the car, tried to get the frigging key in the hole while imagining these beast-dog-thingers ripping my flesh from my body with their teeth......yeah. I don't know where/how/why I got that morbid, explicit part of me, all I know is that it's there. I'm home alone and all the doors are closed to the rooms that aren't being used, and most of the lights are on. *runs to pull down all the shades* Gah, I hate open shades. It's bad enough during the day - anyone could be watching you!! But at night, it's even worse. Because from outside of a house, you can see things inside more clearly than out, but if you're inside, you can't see outside at all. The Sandman could be staring at you, and you wouldn't even know it!! But, yeah. It's all good, because the shades are closed. Am I psychotic, or does everyone get like me? I dunno.

I am one ugly mofo. But that's okay because I am also the hottest girl alive.

Also, I wore a pink sweatshirt today. Hurrah for pink sweatshirts.

Green Bird (Spike's Fall) - Cowboy Bebop
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