wOct 30, 2002

You wanna know what? You wanna know what? My mom can go shove it up her butt. "At home" is the only time of day that I get to do veg out. And if I want to read blogs or whatever for half an hour, she sure as hell better not get mad at me. Especially when I wanted her to find my old SAT and ACT scores, she said "she didn't think she would have time" so I had to....even though all she did all night long was sit on her butt and watch TV. But hey, what do I know?? The Spanish final was okay except that she used some words she told us we didn't need to know. >O I like, crashed and burned last night. After printing off my half-assed paper, I crawled into bed and listened to Linkin Park and like....I don't know. I only listen to that music when I'm already in a bad mood, but when I started listening to it last night I was just on the verge of it, and it like, sucked down. Or something. I don't know. Took a lot to get out of bed this morning - had to forget stress. But now that Spanish is done with, I do feel better....I dunno. Tonight I have to type up my "final" rough draft of my Macbeth paper and take it over to Lindsay's house quick and have her mom edit for me so I can hand it in tomorrow. I have to go through and do all the technical stuff like a title and headings and parentheticals. Which aren't hard, just annoying. And I'm going to get caught up on math homework so I have questions to ask him tomorrow. And maybe make sure I've got equations for all the lines on my graph and draw another copy of it to copy. That's easy enough, right? I just don't want to freak out tomorrow when it's due. Mothereff. I probably will anyway. I'm going to be a whole new person come Friday, yo.
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