wOct 28, 2002

Okay, let's see. Good and bad stuff everywhere today. Our quiz in math was a group quiz. I haven't had a group quiz since Math 2 freshmen year, so I was quite happy. But then, I didn't get a problem in math. I waited, and Mr. Heck was all "Just let me help this person, and then I'll help you!" Okay, well that one person came up four more times, and five other people came up, too. The last ten minutes of class, I just gave up and started reading Redwall. Once I got home, though, I figured it all out. I think I think better at home, yo. We're having a little quiz tomorrow so that we learn the rules to decide whether or not we use the past imperfect or past preterite tenses in various situations. Our Spanish final is on Wednesday, so that'll get out of the way...my paper's going quite nicely in Brit Lit, ^_~ I like writing documented essays! I know, I'm a geek. I went and told Mr. Konop about how I left the snare solo at home, but he had no mercy for me. I tested and got a B on it. Lots better than I thought I'd get...I actually played it well, it was just a lot slower than what everyone else played, so he had to take points off. Gosh, I'm so...mad. If I had been able to take that home and practice it, I would have done so much better. And my low grade from Showdown is bad....this is the first year I'm actually worried about my grade in band. Oh, well. I guess I can't do anything about it now, can I? Okay. So, back to homework....I know homework is really boring to read about and I'm sorry, but that's pretty much my life right now. Oh, I know what else I wanted to write about! We had this group lesson thing for piano tonight....everyone who's in level 7 or higher in the Baroque Festival played our pieces for each other. Gosh, I'm going to practice a lot next week...everyone played their piece so much better than I did! And everyone's was so much harder....I never have time to practice, though. I don't know. I wish I did, I really like piano. Once this week is over, I'm going to make time. Alright. I've taken a long enough break, back to my Macbeth outline....and making myself a....whatever it's called so that I can remember these rules for Spanish. Go, me.
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