wOct 26, 2002

New socks are shibby-keen. Maybe that's just 'cause my old socks were getting threadbare...^_~ You know, I don't understand how someone could say this:

"Clearly this is a case where I believe that the death penalty is appropriate," said Virginia Governor Mark Warner.

even in regards to those snipers. Even in regards to Osama bin Ladin. I never got the logic of the death penalty. The death penalty is saying, "We are punishing killing with killing," and to me that doesn't make any sense. How can you say that someone deserves death, that they don't deserve to live? Not even getting into the whole God-thing, but seriously. Who are you to judge who lives and who dies? By killing someone, you're just as bad as the murderer. You have no right to judge people, even if they've committed a crime. Life in prison, fine. But killing people? No one has the right to kill. If you're saying that because a person killed somebody, they deserve to die, then why should you kill that person? Aren't you committing the same crime? Yeah. Never understood the death penalty. And yes, I am aware I'm going to get comments like "No, you're stupid! How would you like it if someone killed your family?!" And if you do leave comments like that, then I'll have fun answering them. If someone killed my family, I would want the person caught and thrown in jail so that they couldn't do it again. I would probably go visit whoever did it and ask him why he did it. I'd probably try to give him some Jesus. I'd pray for him a lot, and for the souls of my family. I wouldn't say, "Die, efferrrrrr!!!"
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