wOct 28, 2002

I know what I forgot to mention. Today I was in the office after school because I was giving Jukey a ride to church to plan The Quest. Chad was there filling out some NHS thing, and looking at his sheet, I realized (to my horror) that I (and my mom) hadn't signed some stupid line you're supposed to at the end of the data sheets. -_- So I'll have to go to the office tomorrow morning and leave a note for the advisor or something. That would be uber stupid if I didn't get into NHS because of some stupid signature. Whatever. I guess I don't really care, I just want to be in because it looks good on college applications. NHS is a stupid cult that serves no purpose whatsoever. Stupid school. Stupid cliques. Oh, want to hear my Spanish acronym??

Hit it, Wapeb! Standing for Habitual action, Indefinite length of time, Two things at once, Interruption, Time, Weather, Age, Physical description, Emotions, Beliefs. Go, me. Now I just have to remember what everything stands for, @_@
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