wOct 27, 2002

1.) Brianna met a guy named Talon. Talon. How cool of a name is that?!

2.) If the Prince of Egypt soundtrack could be made into a man, I would marry him.

3.) I can't wait until this Macbeth paper is done and I can read Hamlet.

4.) Sometimes I seriously wish that nobody I knew in real life read this blog, and then I could talk about who I like all I wanted and not have to worry about anyone ever finding it. *^^*

5.) I feel like a jerk when I use kazaa. I download files like a whore, but whenever someone starts downloading from me, I cancel it because I don't want them slowing down my pirating. >)

6.) I need to go do my math project now. Die, math. Die, school. (Except for English class)
scribbled mystickeeper at 2:15 PM

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