wAug 23, 2009


Does anyone remember hearing that the writers of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are moving to write for Fringe?

I swear that I remember reading this when the news that T:TSCC had been canceled, but now that I'm looking online, I can't figure out where.

I'm trying to prioritize which TV shows to catch up on, as I seem to be hitting a block for book-reading.

True Blood gets priority, because has informed me that she needs someone to squee with. Even though I'm not caught up on the show, I loved her latest post about it, which contains spoilers through episode 9. It's amazing to me what an improvement the TV show is over the books.

Anyway, here's what my list is looking like, for personal reference:
TV Shows to finish:
Battlestar Galactica [Episode 4.12 through the end] (After the last episode I watched, I remember now why it's taken me so long to keep watching....MUST HAVE CLOSURE)
[and then Battlestar Redactica]

TV Shows to Catch Up On:
True Blood [From episode 2.2 to present]
The Office [From episode 5.24-5.26]
Dollhouse [From episode 1.10 to 1.13, plus unaired original pilot]
How I Met Your Mother [From episode 4.8 through 4.24]
Fringe [From episode 1.5 through 1.20]
30 Rock [All of Season 4]

I think I might ask for a TiVo for Christmas. :O

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