wApr 11, 2009

Multi-Fandom Post

Voting is open for the first round of the Incomprehensible Awards.

Let's talk Star Wars novels. Does anybody read these? Star Wars novels were my first sci-fi novels, back in elementary school. I remember reading Steve Perry's Shadows of the Empire in 5th grade and being like, OMFG! So then I read A.C. Crispin's Han Solo trilogy, the Admiral Thrawn trilogy, Truce at Bakura, Courtship of Princess Leia, and all that other stuff. My favorites were probably the X-Wing series and Young Jedi Knights, even if they were repetitive (although presumably targeted to my age at the time....LOL one day I will post an entry about the reverse-timeline of my reading habits!).

Anyway, it's been a long time since I've read any Star Wars novels, but I understand that Han/Leia's kids Jacen and Jaina are now major players. Since they and their friends were the stars of the Young Jedi Knight series, I think it'd be neat to see how they were doing.

For $1 each yesterday, I picked up New Jedi Order: Dark Journey, New Jedi Order: Traitor, and Legacy of the Force: Tempest. Looking on Wikipedia is pretty annoying, though. Apparently the New Jedi Order has 19 novels in it! It says it got a lot of crap for being "too dark," though, which makes it sound right up my alley. Similarly, Legacy of the Force is 9 novels long. Does anybody know if I can just read these out of order?

I still own the New Jedi Order books Vector Prime and Dark Tide II: Ruin, but do I need to reread them? WTF continuity issues!

I fear that picking up Star Wars novels will open my eyes to an onslaught of skanky race and gender issues. This would be pretty annoying, because my memories of 10-year-old me reading about Jaina Solo and Tenel Ka and Mara Jade are happy ones. Please stay that way, memories!

An interview with the four-woman team CLAMP!
CLAMP’s creativity and productivity is impressive, you manage to run several series at the same time. What is you secret?

O : We sacrifice our private life!

M: It is true. We never go on vacation.

O: if you give up on your private life, you can do the same.

How do you reconcile your private life and your professional life?

O: I think that if you tried to live like us, you wouldn’t succeed in doing that. Since our debuts, we have never taken a week of vacation. A day off per month, and we’re happy enough; when everything goes well, we manage to take two days off. If you can keep up this pace for 18 years, you will succeed in publishing as many books as we do.

M: I have heard that in some countries, people have three months of vacation.

O: What a dream!

Holy shit! That is....impressive.

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