wApr 10, 2009

I was outraged! And then, I blinked....

.....Is that why they've been so coy about everything? Not revealing whether or not it's been renewed, not releasing any spoilers? Because this was meant to be the end, and they just didn't want to ruin it for anybody? Because they wanted us to be just as bewildered and distrustfully hopeful as John?

Because I'm interpreting this correctly, right? Sarah set the future so that John is there, with his dad, with Derek, with Cameron - who is not a Terminator - and he is no longer special - no longer famous?

A crackle, and an, "I love you, too."

Because if that's what happened? Holy shit. I don't even know what think right now.

If that is what happened and that is how things were supposed to end - forever - then I have a lot of respect for everyone keeping quiet about it. WTF. WTF.

If somebody watched tonight's episode, will you pretty please call me and see if I interpreted this ending correctly?


scribbled mystickeeper at 8:50 PM

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