wMay 14, 2008

Library Desk Graffiti Never Gets Old

I wish my mom still did my homework.
I wish I still did your mom.
I wish your mom still did me.
scribbled mystickeeper at 4:31 PM

Oh you should see some of the stuff in the men's bathrooms on campus. In particular, the ones in Van Hise just go on and on.

By Blogger Gordon, at 1:02 AM, May 15, 2008  

aww, I thought the stuff on Memorial Library's cells was getting just stupid... when they degrade into the "why is my girlfriend a slut" and "if you are a girl and you masturbate, mark here" comments, it's just irritating.

By Blogger Tas, at 7:09 AM, May 15, 2008  

OMG!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! I HEART IT!!!

By Blogger OgRe, at 2:58 PM, May 15, 2008  

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