wMar 11, 2008

Let me break it down 'til I force the issue

I deleted a lot of what I had originally written in the post I put up this morning. It ended up coming across that I was distraught about my writing, which is actually a pretty minor factor in my feeling crappy. When it comes to writing, I feel like things will sort themselves out eventually, or at least after college.

As for the rest, though, I'm still not sure how to describe it, the negativity. Well, I could, but not in an online journal. The good news is that at the end of today, I feel like fighting again. I can totally handle life. Maybe.

I try to keep my LJ profile up-to-date with what I'm reading/watching, but it's fun to see anyway, I guess.

Villette, Charlotte Bronte. The critics say it's better than Jane Eyre. The first 20 pages seem nice. I really love her writing.

Sula, Toni Morrison. Assigned for a class, but I'm loving it.

Y: The Last Man, volume 4, Brian K. Vaughan. Am loving the character development in this volume, as I wasn't expecting it.


Am now halfway through Buffy season 6 and Angel season 3.
Have decided that I'd like to finish watching the anime series Romeo x Juliet next, as well as possibly rewatching some of the stuff I own on DVD. I've purchased a number of things in the last year that are my favorites.
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