wFeb 16, 2008

Legal Drug

This manga is only 3 volumes long, but it is also unfinished. Why?! Like Legend of Chun Hyang, I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and wish that there was more I could read right now.

Kazahaya Kudo is a runaway found in the snow by Rikuo. Rikuo brings him to the Green Drugstore, and the two young men live together and work for Kakei, the owner of Green Drugstore. Their default job is typical store maintenance, but from time to time, Kakei will send them out on special missions for extra cash. These missions usually require Kazahaya's ability to read people's emotions/memories to solve their cases (or obtain special items).

Kazahaya is the younger of the two protagonists, naive, and has a rather pretty face. Rikuo is taller and colder, and it's pretty heavily implied that the two boys might have subtextual feelings for one another (or, at the least, provide great fanservice for readers who might read and go, "OMG! They're totally gay! This is so cute!"

As a side note: This series is definitely not intended for young children!

I look forward to reading more of this, when more comes out. Wikipedia tells me that only 1/5 of the story has been told thus far, and that at Anime Expo 2006, CLAMP told people that they intend to revisit it in the near future.

Rikuo and Kazahaya will both appear in xxxHolic.

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