wJan 22, 2008

Last night before the semester....EVAR (maybe)

Due to this housekeeping, my Bookmooch inventory has been updated, for anyone who is interested.

I ended up dropping the "Conflict Resolution" political science course that I had been signed up for, and enrolled in Constitutional Law instead.

Saturday. Do bold headings make you more inclined to read?
Saturday, I went out in the late afternoon to put up fliers for Anime Club on State Street. It was below 0 out, but having friends joined me made it better.

We went to the rec-room of some Club-members' apartment, and watched some first episodes of various series on a big screen. It was a nice pre-Club gathering of friends! Series that were new to me that I'm excited to watch more of are detailed at the end of this post.

Yesterday, I bought groceries and watched the Packer game with Antoine. Some friends from work were having a Packer party, but I was pretty damn tired and feeling anti-social. The less said about the game, the better. But I think it broke my damn heart. :(

I am so lazy. Except for when I shoveled the snow off all our sidewalks and driveway, and unearthed my car.
Today, I didn't feel very well until after lunch. I've spent most of the day tidying up a bit (although, of course, my room is still not clean), reading, watching things, and perusing the interwebs. I probably would have gone shopping for school supplies if it hadn't been snowing all day long.

This is what happens when I don't take my vitamin.
Last night, I dreamt that there was some kind of program for the gifted in Green Bay. It was night, and my high school friends and I were by dimly-lit bars. I continually ran alongside the Fox River with two large metal tanks on top of a flightpack strapped to my back. Eventually, if I ran long enough, I somehow got lift and gained the ability to fly. Yes, it was pretty WTF. I rarely remember my dreams, though, so I guess it's worth noting. One thing that's weird, though? Whenever I do remember a dream, I can never remember one in which anyone I met after high school is in it. It's like my subconscious is frozen in place. I'm not sure what that means.

Code Geass: The premise of this series is that back in the day, a Celtic king resisted Julius Caesar's invasion of Britannia. This affected many other moments in British history: absolute monarchy was never abolished, the American rebels were suppressed in 1776, and all of North and South America belong to Britannia, which covers 1/3 of the world.

Britannia invades Japan, and conquers it with giant robots (come on; you knew that was coming!) called Knightmare Frames in less than a month. Japanese people lose their rights. The country is renamed "Area 11," and the former Japanese are referred to as "Elevens," and forced to live in ghettos. Rebel factions still exist, though, and the series seems to be quite patriotic.

The protagonist seems like he will be fun to watch, and the character design was done by CLAMP. I am sold!

(Synopsis mostly shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia)
More synopsis and screenshots of episode 1 at the anime blog 'Memento.'

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
It's difficult to describe this series. From what I can tell, it is set up into 4-episode story arcs. At the beginning of each arc, about 90 seconds of intense violence are shown, with one character committing acts of violence against others. Then the opening credits play. Then, four episodes are spent leading up to this first scene, explaining why it happens (I think!). The characters are all children, classmates, and friends.

It seems as though the beginning story arcs are all "question arcs," in that even when the arc is "resolved," the viewer still has many questions. Later in the series, story arcs are used as "answer arcs," and explain what is going on.

The character design seems a bit too cutesy for me at first, but I feel like that makes it that much more intense when the characters go apeshit.

Episode 1 screenshots and synopsis at anime blog 'Memento.'

As an added bonus, I like the OP song.

Current Music: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni OP - Eiko Shimamiya

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