wDec 20, 2007

Tales From Finals: Part 3. This Chapter Least Amusing Thus Far. Am sorry.

12:06pm: I really need access to a scanner. While I suck at drawing (like, a lot!), I would really like to scan in all of the drawings I've done in the margins of my notes of my Ghost Hunters characters. Also, some of my other characters. But this makes it absolutely necessary: There is MARGERY KEMPE FANART on top of the notes in my Medieval Lit notebook. lololol.

7:06pm: I feel very encouraged after having seen the Career Advisor. I do have a lot of good experiences making up my resume. And now I have specific things to work on over Winter Break.

7:36pm: I've decided to just do my take-home Medieval Lit final tonight, too. Then I'll be done with both finals by noon tomorrow, and will only have Women's Studies left at 5pm on Friday, and will have time to relax.

PS, so this afternoon my cousin Molly came to town to pick up my other cousin, who's returning home from her semester at college. Molly and I went out for Mexican food, and also to Half Price Books. They had the Tokyo Babylon OVA! Bwahaha, it is mine.

9:51pm: WTF, why is it almost 10:00? This day has gone by much more quickly than it was supposed to! But, my laundry is no longer 2 feet higher than the top of the basket (I did a load!). Also, Chad made me take some test to see which political candidate I identify most with, and my top 3 were Republicans. LIES.

11:20pm: Yeah. Definitely not finishing the take-home exam tonight, although it won't take long to finish it tomorrow, I don't think.

8:27am: Beginning to feel mildly better about this final....except that some of the essay questions we were given beforehand are really good questions, while some are very bad. Let us hope that the good questions are the ones I get to choose from. The final starts at 10:05am.....so wish me luck, or something. I expect it to be a pretty big suck-fest. At least, that's how the midterm went for me.

Also, note to self! Call your brother! Pretty sure it is his birthday today.

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