wDec 29, 2007

Heroes, season 2

It's been a while since the last episode of Heroes aired, and many of my friends on LiveJournal have already blogged about their feelings regarding the season. I wish that I had kept up better with this show, but I only did a good job of doing so at the beginning of the season, when I had fewer midterms and papers to worry about. Damn you, academia, for impeding my note-taking process of watching TV!

At first, I thought that season 2 was just fumbling a bit. But as the season went on, it just kept dropping bombs of EPIC FAIL left and right. Overall, I think that season 1 was better written, and more tightly-plotted than season 2 was. Season 2 was short due to the writers' strike, but it definitely seems like Heroes will be coming back. I'll continue watching, to see what happens. That's what I'm doing with Battlestar Galactica, too. Sad. I wish that all TV shows that start out amazing would stay amazing.

It's difficult to write about the season without giving spoilers, so they will be hidden from thine eyes!

Link Round-up
Oyceter's thoughts on 2x10 and 2x11 here
bobthehaitian on 2x11 (read the comments, too) here
bobthehaitian on 2x10 (again, comments too!) here
Desdenova on 2x9 here
on 2x9, which I think is the one that broke us all, here
I think my favorite comment in that last thread was by :
My favorite thing? My FAVORITE THING. Is how all this bullshit of big-chested white males being all scary and violent is supposed to be okay because they're PROTECTING THE BLOND GIRL, when in fact we are talking about a blond girl who is fucking indestructible. For that matter, it's not like Elle needs much help, either. When you consider that all Bob can do is turn shit into gold, and Noah's just got normal spy-man-type skills, the whole thing is fucking ludicrous.


I think those last two sentences sum up most of my feelings about how I wish this series would go.

ETA: More links!
coffeeandink on the season finale here
I don’t think the problem is that Kring et. al. deliberately set out to minimize women and people of color. I think that the assumption that the Important People are white men is so deeply ingrained in the writing staff that they just keep making plot decisions that reinforce it.

coffeeandink also on episode 2x09 here

Also, for those looking to do something about the sucktasticness of this season can see Save Heroes, where people are attempting to collect essays on why the show's treatment of women and people of color is BAD, making a draft of a detailed formal letter, and sending the letter to writers/producers before next season.


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