wDec 5, 2007

At least I'm not a hideous fucker.

I think this is a sugar crash? Or just the result of not having got enough sleep all week long. I feel really guilty, because I could make this paper be awesome if I had more time. But having all the papers at once met there was no time, or at least, each paper got its own amount of time, but never enough of it. I think I might just shower and go to bed. I did succeed in making lots of notes on things that need to be said. Tomorrow will suck. I had wanted to skip my last class, but I just remembered that she's handing our papers back.....actually, I don't even care. SKIP. I never skip class. This semester has been so weird for me, doing lots of things I never, ever used to do before. I have another class that I have a habit of leaving early, because it's so useless that I can't stand it.

I just want this semester to be over with. And really, I just want school to be over with. Not that the thought of no longer being a student scares me shitless. Not at all.


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