wNov 20, 2007

This star is the stage where we shine

I'm feeling quite cynical tonight. It's annoying. Makes it hard to get shit done. My room is a mess, and I don't care. Some bastard egged my car yesterday, so I got to enjoy that at 10pm when I went out for gas. Also, my paper is still terrible, but it's complete enough that I'll be able to tidy it up and print it in the morning. Too bad my thesis sucks. At least it's done. I should have taken tomorrow off from work so that I could actually have time to clean, pack, and tie up loose ends before going home. :/ Hopefully I'll at least get some homework done at work tomorrow.

~Complete shift in mood is due to having written the rest of this entry hours ago~

Holy crap, it's almost time for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Day will be pretty lol. Antoine (a native of Flint, MI) has told me that he intends to cheer for the Detroit Lions. My family lives in Green Bay. Antoine thinks that this will be hilarious. I think that Antoine really doesn't understand what he's doing. I hope my boyfriend will survive this holiday!

Manga inspires scholarship
I'm now working on volume 2 of the Cantarella manga, and I am so in love! The main character is Cesare Borgia, the subject of Machiavelli's "The Prince." In fact, Machiavelli is a character in the manga! So awesome! So far, I am a fan of Cesare and his sister, Lucrezia. Today, I stopped at Memorial Library and picked up 3 books on the two of them. Not that I'll have any time to read them, but....I'll probably do it anyway, forgoing homework.

Clamp School Detectives, vol. 1-3 (no spoilers)
But today is not the day to blog about Cantarella! Instead, I will blog about the 3-volume manga series, "Clamp School Detectives," by (you guessed it!) CLAMP. Nokoru, Souh, and Akira are elementary school kids at Clamp School, a virtual self-sufficient city of itself. Students at the school range from kindergarten all the way through graduate school. Our heroes make up the Student Board for the elementary school. Each student board has complete control over its students, trumping the PTA, teachers, and the headmaster. What kind of boys does it take to have so much responsibility? Well, I'm glad you asked! Take Nokoru - he is only in fifth grade, but he is so intelligent that he has already been scouted by NASA! Not only that, but he is so attractive that girls at every age level are in love with him and his two cohorts. Not only THAT, but he is filthy rich.

Nokoru's fangirls: Can we take a picture of you?!
Random Girl: I want to put it in my locker!
Random Girl 2: I want to frame mine for my bedroom wall!
Random Girl 3: Me, too!
Random Girl 4: And Me!
Nokoru (surrounded by shojo bubbles and flower petals): Of course. *poses*
Random Girl 3: I'm so happy! I'll treasure this forever, Nokoru-sama!
Nokoru: I'm happy to be of service.
Random Girl 4: Who'd have thought a third grader could be such a gentleman?

Who'd have thought, indeed. Yes, welcome to shojo manga. In addition to their student government duties, the three boys form a detective agency, given that Nokoru has the ability to locate any "damsel in distress" in a two-kilometer radius. Together, the boys work to solve the mysteries that crop up, while also managing to get their student government paperwork finished (and, of course, give lectures in university classes, because hey, did I mention they were smart yet?!). The series is fluffy fun, and amusing because of how ridiculous it is. In the last volume, two of the boys get a little bit more characterization, but even that is so absurd that it's still funny. Somehow, a 26-episode anime series was made out of this. It might be nice for kids, but I think it'd be pretty boring. I might check it out some day, just to see what the voice actors are like. I look forward to seeing the boys in other CLAMP series, and discovering how they grow up.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:59 PM

The funny thing is, this could actually create a genuine rift between your family and Antoine. I've seen it happen. Antoine thinks it's funny, and they'll all make jokes about it, but deep inside your dad thinks it's a sin worthy of the innermost circle of hell. There's Antoine, right next to Judas in the mouth of the devil.

Last night I was talking to Hikmet about his brother's upcoming wedding and since his brother used to translate Portuguese for the Brazilian players on the Turkish soccer team, 5 of the best players are coming to his wedding. Hikmet, wanting to put it into terms I would understand, was like "Just imagine, it's like Brett Favre coming to your wedding!!" I put my hand to my cheek, looked him in the eye, and mumbled, "Oh, I can hardly contain myself," and then admitted that my dad would probably have a heart attack.

By Blogger Steph, at 2:43 PM, November 21, 2007  

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