wOct 3, 2007

Geek.Kon IS NIGH

Geek.Kon has been on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal every day this week. It's in The Daily Cardinal. It will be in The Badger Herald. It's in The Onion, for God's sake.

IT'S FOR REALS. Also, wtf, I am going to be on panels, and that is really frightening. I saw some panels at Wiscon....but I have never been on one. I hope I can be a good panelist! If you're coming to Geek.Kon, here are the panels I'm going to be on:

Anime 101. Self-explanatory! Although, WTF, I think Joan D. Vinge might be on this panel. I might just silently convulse while staring at her in awe. SHE WON A FREAKING HUGO AWARD!

Heroes. We'll talk about NBC's show, which has just started its second season. I have lots of things to say about race and gender and how they're presented in this show (thanks to Wiscon opening up my eyes, and now I make these observations on my own!), and hopefully other people on the panel will be okay with that!

Shojo Manga. This panel was created by me! The intent is to explore gender roles in Japanese comics that are intended for girls and young women. Why do so many "nice" protagonists have an ultimate goal in life of getting married and cooking and cleaning for eternity? Why is rape always the last resort of the author in order to get the female protagonist in dire straights? Why do girls with bad-ass superpowers STILL "have" to get saved by a dude? (Also, why the hell do female protagonists faint all the time? Is this a phenomenon with Japanese women?!)

You can get a copy of the panels schedule the day of the Con.

Otherwise....I fully expect to be running around freaking out all day. Hopefully it'll be cool! But, yeah. I'm expecting gobs and gobs of people, due to the rampant press we're getting.


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