wSep 16, 2007

I've got a lot of nothing to say

Yesterday and today, the seasons seem to have forgotten about Autumn. Friday night, it got down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. I wore my winter coat when I was out! Of course, the weather report for next week is back up into the seventies. I will enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. It's supposed to get much warmer next week, starting tomorrow, which is sad for me. I like wearing long sleeves, and not instantly beginning to perspire when I take two steps.

I've felt weird lately, which is why I haven't been blogging very much. I feel like separating myself from people quite often, although when I'm around them, I'm actually fine. I don't know.

Chad is having some friends over this morning for lots of food, including ribs, potatoes, and sausage and crackers. We are supposed to be watching the Packer game, but maybe I'll bring some school books downstairs and work on them. I wish that it could always be the weekend. I like the material in my classes well enough, but find half of my classes tiresome, and redundant when I've done the readings. Don't get me started on my classmates, :P

I have some stuff lying around that I'd like to get rid of. If you would like it, but live far away, you can just reimburse me for shipping or something. I have Paypal. I'm not even sure if this is stuff anyone would want, but it could be, so I'll just ask!

  • A CD. It contains all the lectures from my 19th Century Scandinavian Literature class, but I would assume that people desiring a CD for an art project or something might like it also.
  • A free Netflix trial that would last for a month (their normal trial period is two weeks). This actually involves no shipping: I can just tell you what the code is. Netflix is awesome - I love it. I have four free trials, for the use of whomever.
  • A bound copy of Niels Lyhne, by Jens Peter Jacobsen. The version is printed on copy paper, and spirally bound. Translated from the original Danish into English by Tiina Nunally.
  • My reader from 19th Century Scandinavian Literature. Like the above, is spirally bound paper. The reader includes (these names have accents, but I am lazy):
    Frithiof's Saga Outline, Esaias Tegner
    Frithiof at Sea, Esaias Tegner
    A Dangerous Wooing, Bjornstjerne Bjornson
    The Father, Bjornstjerne Bjornson
    The Eagle's Nest, Bjornstjerne Bjornson
    Different Pleasures, Camilla Collette
    The Spirit of the Ball, Alexander Kielland
    A Masterless Dog, Hjalmar Soderberg
    Sketch in India Ink, Hjalmar Soderberg
    The Dream of Eternity, Hjalmar Soderberg
    The Chimney Sweep's Wife, Hjalmar Soderberg
    The Story of a Country House, Selma Lagerlof
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By Blogger Steph, at 3:48 PM, September 16, 2007  

fyi, craigslist is actually remarkably helpful for selling shit! The facebook marketplace is mostly useless, but there might be interest in that stuff anyway.

*pokes you* if we could have three days of class and four days of weekend, life would be better!

By Blogger Tas, at 11:55 AM, September 18, 2007  

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