wJun 30, 2007

Because you care about my opinions.

I need to kill some time while I'm waiting for Kristy, Chad, and Jennifer to arrive. They are coming to visit! Sometimes I feel like I'm bad at entertaining others. When I ask myself what the most magical Madison experience would be, I'd answer, "Let's go to all the cool bookstores!" Not everyone would agree with this idea - Kristy, for example.

So anyway, while I wait, I will do some fandom commentary.

I'm now 2/3 of the way through the manga series Ceres: Celestial Legend, by Yu Watase. I personally find it a lot more interesting than Fushigi Yugi, but this is probably because the plot itself is much darker, and I find Aya much less annoying and boring to watch than I did Miaka. Watase's manga is fun and crack-like to read, but between the two series (I never actually finished Fushigi Yugi, but might do so one day), there are a few quirks that bother me. For one thing, does the female protagonist need to take her shirt off every volume?? NO. Also, can there please be some other kind of physical attack or whatever that isn't rape? Good God. I bring manga to read at work, and of course the volume a co-worker picks up is one in which Aya is attempted to be raped three different times. It gets old after a while, especially when I'm sitting there thinking, "Why doesn't she start kneeing him between the legs or clawing his eyes out, if she has time to sit there and scream, "Toya!" repeatedly FOREVER.

Speaking of Toya. Why are Watase's heroines never "complete" or "strong" unless their love interest is physically right beside them? Aya Mikage kicks ass, and does so even more when she lets Ceres take over. But whenever Toya leaves for like, a day, she's all, "Oh my God, I am so broken and worthless and unfulfilled." I think it'd be a lot more fun to read a story by Watase that doesn't have the love story as a central focus. Does the series Alice 19th have a love interest for the protagonist? I'll have to find out.

I'm now nearing the end of season 2 of Buffy. I think that I am capable of talking about it so that fans of the show know what I'm talking about without being too spoilery. Holy crap, Angel is so much more interesting now. Mostly because he actually talks. That sadistic stuff in the episode "Passions" was beautifully executed.
I love Oz. A lot. The way he talks is so endearing and he is so badass, too. And yay, Willow really is getting a spine! I like watching these characters grow. Also, I love that every time the show starts to feel the least bit stale (the first couple DVDs of season 2 started to feel a little same-y after a while, but to their credit, they were establishing a rhythm), they pick up the show and shake it up, changing not just one or two characters, but all of them - leaving them to try their best and settle, until things start feeling natural again.
Current Favorite Characters: Buffy, Oz, Angel (a favorite to watch, anyway)

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scribbled mystickeeper at 2:04 PM

now you know what I mean about Angel only being interesting when he's evil. I've been watching the fifth season a lot lately, it's a pretty good season, although the fourth and sixth are still my favorites.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 7:40 PM, June 30, 2007  

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