wApr 27, 2007

Why am I still awake?

Thank you to Kristen and Dave for advice on how to fix my computer. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to try and do that. Today I was literally gone from my house from 7:30am until 12:00am, with some 10 minutes at home in between to retrieve my car. Ughhhh, I'm so tired.

Tonight, I registered for WisCon. Kristen and Gretchen, if you're going, you should register now - the website says that the spots are almost filled! I also signed up to volunteer. Maybe I'll meet cool people? We'll see.

I don't really know what I'm going to do for my birthday this year, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I'm not going to the Gritty. It just sucks - I want to do stuff with my Green Bay friends, but they'll all not be here, and my Madison friends will soon leave for the summer. :/ I liked birthdays more when I was a kid and they were exciting.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 1:31 AM

I already got my ticket!! I'm also volunteering, and I'm tabling for the bookstore there, too, I think. When I think about how excited I am for WisCon, my heart shivers and thumps... we should definitely hang out and squeak about all the panels we want to go to... see you tomorrow!

By Blogger Gretchen, at 2:10 AM, April 27, 2007  

Okay, awesome! I'm kind of going into this blind, so I'm glad one of us knows what they're doing, lol.

I just checked the box for "Volunteer," and I have no idea what I'll be doing. I guess I'll find out!

By Blogger Jackie, at 9:07 AM, April 27, 2007  

Just purchased! FWEE! my first convention, and a nice feminist one at that.

I won't be volunteering. My brother's going to be in town that weekend and I want to be sure I can see him some time too.

Didn't sign up for dessert table either :P oh well.

By Blogger Tas, at 9:55 PM, April 28, 2007  

I didn't sign up for the dessert table either!

I hope I still have time to do the things I want to do, while also volunteering. :/ Well, I guess I'll just see what happens!

By Blogger Jackie, at 9:57 PM, April 28, 2007  

Rather distressingly, that evening is also the night that Pirate 3 comes out.... I am torn. Do you think they have evening events? I hope not!

By Blogger Tas, at 8:21 AM, April 29, 2007  

Oh, man! I haven't planned out my events yet, buuuuut we'll see. I'm willing to wait on Pirates for WisCon. At least I am right now - I might change my mind in the coming weeks, ;)

By Blogger Jackie, at 10:10 AM, April 29, 2007  

What's stopping you from celebrating once in Madison then celebrating once at home on a different day? I trust you'll be going home for the weekend at least once this summer.

By Blogger Steph, at 11:57 AM, April 30, 2007  

GOOD POINT. In fact, why not have 5 parties?

By Blogger Jackie, at 5:11 PM, April 30, 2007  

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