wJan 3, 2007

Go me!

I've watched two episodes of "Heroes" now. Hiro and Mohindir are my favorite characters so far. I was also pleased when Nora Zehetner showed up, because she played Laura in the movie "Brick."

I got the internship I was hoping for for this coming Spring semester!! I'll be figuring out hours and such later, but for now I know that I'll be interning for a state senator. My secret dream of working inside the beautiful Wisconsin State Capitol will come true!

Yes, so that's my big news of the day!

Also, I have rented a ridiculous amount of manga from the library. I keep trying to pick up the actual novels that I have lying around, but I can't bring myself to read them. Perhaps all of the Shakespeare and hardcore literature from last semester broke my brain. It will only get better in the coming Spring 2007, when all of my classes will be literature-based!!


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