wNov 17, 2006

i see the silver lining, and its name is 5 pm tomorrow (today)

I found this link through a friend I've made on LiveJournal.
This story, which describes a UCLA student getting stunned 4 times with a Taser for not having his library/ID card, was heinous enough, but watching the raw footage (offered on the same page) that was caught on somebody's cell phone made me physically ill. I have a lot of relatives that are cops - 3 cousins, a cousin-in-law, and my uncle used to be. I know that not all cops are the same. I just don't understand why so many of them are so stupid. There is no way that amount of force was necessary. Also, in the newspaper article, it's said that he was stunned after being handcuffed - WTF!
What would happen if something like that happened at Memorial Library? Who the hell expects somebody to be able to stand up after just getting Tasered? And then, in punishment for not being able to stand, Tasers said person again? Seriously. What. The. Hell.

More WTF: Are you shitting me?

So. What about my life? Well, yesterday there was lots of angst. This Political Science paper I have to write about the midterm elections that happened on November 7th was plaguing me. Our instructions were pretty vague, and I wasn't able to start thinking about it until Wednesday due to other things (American Lit paper, Shakespeare exam). I feel bad for freaking out at Antoine so much last night, but he did a pretty good job of simultaneously bitch-slapping me into action while also being supportive. Which is exactly what I needed. Yay, Antoine! :) (For LJ people, who I think I never informed: Antoine is my boyfriend! Yay!)

Of course, after feeling confident enough to do something, I promptly fell asleep on my laptop. 'Toine called me about an hour later at 1:30 and I was like, wtf, I fell asleep! He convinced me to just go to sleep for the night, and I did. Then I woke up early this morning and just started writing, even though I didn't know what the paper was about yet. I continued all afternoon and evening as well. My paper now has a focus. And there is data. Right now, though, the paper is only 8 pages long, and it needs to be 10. But I suddenly am feeling violently sick to my stomach, so I think I'll sleep and somehow pull 2 pages out of thin air tomorrow morning/during Shakespeare lecture. You know, before I add all of the tables full of data in. ;_; Do you have any idea how happy I'm going to be when I'm done with this paper?! Because then, it will be the WEEKEND. And then there are only 3 days of school. And then, I'll be home for Thanksgiving weekend! I will make a modest amount of money at ShopKo! I will spend time with Antoine because he is coming back with me! And I will see people I haven't seen in too long. Hopefully, I will also get lots of reading done for English class, too. AHHHHH, this has been the worst week ever, since what, last week Saturday. But it'll be better now.

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