wOct 4, 2006


Exclusive interview with Aaron Douglas (The Chief) at the LJ BSG community!

A hilarious post in which a company offended by Stephen Colbert takes him way too seriously. They call him the right-wing talking head of talking heads. Wow, I didn't know it was possible for someone to watch The Colbert Report and take him seriously.

It seems like a lot of my friends are in positions in life where they're questioning what it is they really want to do, who they want to be, and whether or not they like what they're doing right now. I guess that's just something that happens when you're in higher education. It is nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels like they're floundering, though.

Exam Battles Update
Weather & Climate Exam is done. I'm not really sure how it went. Once a test is over with, I stop caring.
It was revealed today that our American Lit exam is not next Tuesday as the syllabus says it is, but the Tuesday after next. This is glorious news for me - I can spend the entire weekend having fun and catching up on all of the readings I'm not doing this week due to studying.
The oral examination (ie: Most Scary) for Political Science is tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive during this difficult time! Jennifer says: I know you'll do great on your oral exam tomorrow...I asked my magic 8 ball as I've gotten into the habit of doing for my own tests, and its answer was: "you're hot."

I am scared shitless of my Political Science exam, and also pretty afraid of Friday's Shakespeare exam. But I feel like I've reached today's limit for being awake, and will go to bed soon after trying to find a way to unwind first.

Are these posts supposed to be organized? Stop it.
I might be getting sick, too. My throat hurts like none other.

Also: I know people hate on Facebook a lot, but it really can be fun if you let it be. For example, tonight I found a group called " I Will Go Out of My Way To Step On a Leaf That Looks Particularly Crunchy." The discussion topics on the board included "What about twigs and branches?" "Aluminum cans," and "Nothing beats an acorn." I love the internets.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 12:48 AM

Wow, that 8-ball sure avoided the question, didn't it?

Good luck Jackie.

By Blogger Dave, at 7:48 AM, October 04, 2006  

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