wSep 11, 2006

this post brought to you by: 3.75 hours of sleep

Dude, it is so often that I open up saved drafts of blog entries and then delete things that I wrote because I don't care any more. I just deleted two paragraphs' worth of political crap.
I should blog more often, though. It makes me feel better. This cathartic release of whining makes me a better person somehow.

So. Life. Is a whirlwind lately, which explains the whole not!blogging thing. Tomorrow will be busy, and Tuesday is one of the days I have a 3 power lectures in a row....but if I can make it to 2:15 on Tuesday, I think I'll be okay. Because Tuesday and Wednesday I will come back home here and productive/lazy all night and it'll be wonderful. I've been doing too much, I think. So I'll cut back and it'll be okay.

The first Anime Club of the year was on Saturday. Voting turned out all right, and I like two of the series we're watching: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Noein. Also, it's kind of cool that I sort of have discretion over what we watch during OVA time every week. I get to watch Howl's Moving Castle again now!! Woot!

Not everything has been spectacular, though. I've been kind of down the last day or so just due to lots of small things piling up, plus school stress. I keep acquiring bruises on my body and I don't know where they're coming from. Like, I have one below my left elbow that even looks a bit swollen. You'd think I would remember getting it, but I don't.
Today, Louise and I bought some Swiffer refills - both wet and dry - for the floors. But the wet one leaked all over the bag and got all of my dry ones wet. LITTLE upset about that.
On Friday, I was making a microwaveable dinner and it started burning my hand so I dropped it, getting it all over the floor, stove, and my jeans.
The real kicker was tonight, though. Paul and I were getting in my car after going to mass, and I asked him to close the back door because it was slightly open again (it tends to stick weird, and needs to be closed very firmly to stay shut). Paul opens the door and slams it shut, but it won't shut. At all. There's some metal bent somewhere or something because it doesn't match up. So Paul had to sit in the back and hold the door shut the whole ride home and now I'm not sure what to do. Chad said he'd look at it, but yeah.
Why does everything have to break/suck?! SERIOUSLY.

Let's see. What's good? Tonight I made couscous for the first time ever. It was so ridiculously easy! And good. Now I need to find some recipes involving couscous. And then expand my cooking abilities. And be awesome.

When it was hot outside, it was frickin' hot up here in my room. But now that it's 54 degrees outside, it's frickin' freezing.
But I guess it's okay. Because I changed my sheets today so they smell good, and the bed is piled with blankets and I have a new Revolutionary Girl Utena manga (zomg 30% off with Borders coupon!) and I'll probably stay awake long enough to page before falling into a blissful sleep.

I kinda suck at keeping on top of schoolwork. Must stop having a life.

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